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What We Do - TaliesinEdge Consulting

Empowering IT & Technology Organizations for Environmental Responsibility

Our mission is to empower IT and technology organizations to actively manage their environmental impact. We believe that technology has the power to drive positive change and be a force for environmental responsibility. By providing organizations with the necessary expertise and tools, we aim to steer IT and Technology teams toward sustainable practices, empowering them to make informed decisions that drive significant change.

Our Approach: Benchmarking for a Better Tomorrow

We believe that smart business decisions are synonymous with sustainable practices. 


Our holistic approach begins with a detailed analysis of an organization's IT operations, processes, and systems through environmental and embodied carbon emission benchmarking. We understand that in any effective sustainability, environmental or ESG plan, IT and Tech environments are the low-hanging fruits - areas where significant improvements can be made quickly and effectively.   


We assist companies in evaluating their current technological infrastructure & practices with clearly measured data points, pinpointing areas for improvement, and setting attainable sustainability or environmental targets.  

Our team of experts combines extensive knowledge of IT systems and infrastructure with a deep understanding of sustainability & environmental practices. This unique blend of expertise allows us to develop tailored strategies that align technology and environmental goals seamlessly.

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